(Some of) what I'm working on

Ever since the nuns made me confess to drawing cartoons in fourth or fifth grade, I've been reticent about what I'm working on. So excuse me for not going into great detail - those smacks on the side of the head still hurt.

But since people ask:

Though I've done both fiction and nonfiction pretty much all through my career, there have been patches where one seems to dominate over the other - at least to the public. For years, I was best known for novels; lately, it's been nonfiction.

West Like Lightning, my book on the Pony Express, launched me on an epic book tour which concludes with some library talks in early fall. Libraries have always been an important part of my life, from the days of those nuns and cartoons to the present, and it's always a pleasure to have librarians invite me to talk, rather than sushing me. (I don't accept fees beyond expenses for the talks, though I've found it necessary to limit the number these days. To inquire, send an email to author (at) jimdefelice.com and we'll take it from there.)

Speaking of West Like Lightning, I'm working with a production company to turn it into a television series. Who knows? Maybe the Pony will ride across America once more.

There are a couple of other Hollywood projects afoot, including one at ABC where I'm a consulting producer. If anything comes of it - always a long shot, no matter how the heavens are aligned - we'll have details here.

But mostly I write books - 2019 will see the publication of a new book with Taya Kyle celebrating some of the many things people do to help their communities and the country. We're calling it American Spirit. We've spent a year talking to different people and being inspired by their awesome stories and contributions.

World War II has been an interest of mine ever since I dragged a book on Operation Barbarosa out of the local library at age 10. I'm working on both a novel and a new nonfiction work set in that time period. The nonfiction probably will come out first, but we'll see.

There's more, of course - TV, narrative nonfiction, another new novel, a series with offers we may or may not take, two video games I have to finish proof-of-concept docs on - but I've been at this too long not to be paranoid about saying anything. Until the money is the bank, no deal is set . . . and even then, they may not see the light of day. I have the scars to prove it.

But thanks for asking.