Fighting Blind is the inspiring story of Major Ivan Castro, who after being permanently blinded and nearly killed in battle, fought back against his wounds and became one of America's first blind marathon runners.

Castro has run in over fifty marathons, including Boston (three times), biked across the U.S. and western Europe, and journeyed to the South Pole. Perhaps most incredibly of all, he continued to serve his country despite his blindness, winning promotions from second lieutenant to major in the Special Forces.

How has he done it? And more importantly, why?

Ivan asks himself those same questions in the book. His answers, and his story of faith, amazing courage, and sheer determination are lessons and inspirations for everyone.

Number 1 best-selling Iraq memoir debut in Fall 2016



"I first met Ivan shortly after American Sniper was published. I knew from the moment he walked into the room that his story had to be told, and it's been my privilege to help him tell it.

American Sniper is a story about courage in battle; this is a story about courage after battle. It will inspire us all."