The NY Times No. 1

The story of America's greatest sniper, an outstanding SEAL, and a true American hero.

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 After four tours of duty in Iraq & countless lives saved, he gave everything up for his family . . .


Jim DeFelice
is the best-selling author of over a dozen 
fiction and
non-fiction books.

Besides his "solo" works, he is known for his collaborations with Richard Marcinko (Rogue Warrior), Dale Brown, Stephen Coonts, and Larry Bond.

He is also the author of the first biography of Omar Bradley, the American architect of victory in Europe during WWII.


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Recently seen on History Channel's
D-Day in HD

Who says kicking tango ass can't be a load of fun?
Do you Tweet?

Would you trust Iran to give up its nukes?

Or would you pretend to, so you could destroy them yourself?

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